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Rebates Overview

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ZIMDEF offers the following rebates to compliant employers:


Indenture apprentices;

ZIMDEF reimburses the apprentice wages up to the minimum prescribed for apprenticeship, for the first and second years, and during the period that the apprentice is attending prescribed college courses, along with any other related expenses incidental to the apprentice.

Releases skilled or semi-skilled workers for upgrade training courses

ZIMDEF reimburses wages paid to skilled workers while attending upgrade training courses at national institutions, as well as any other related expenses incidental to such training.


Provide trade testing facilities;

Employers who provide trade testing facilities are compensated at a rate agreed between the employer and the registrar of apprentices


Provide training in the essential non-designated trades/occupation listed in category E of circular letter to employers

Employers should submit claims endorsed by the trainee, through the Industrial Training Branch who will certify that the training satisfactorily took place and according to the program, and then transmit them to ZIMDEF .


Release employees for part-time lecturing at Ministry’s Training Institutions;

Employers should submit their claims through the head of Institution to which the lecturer was released for confirmation of the hours worked and transmission to ZIMDEF


Incur expenses on employees who successfully complete courses offered by the following institutions and professional bodies: HEXCO, CGAIZ, ZIM, IIZ, SAAA, IAC, IPS, CII, IBS, CIT and PRI.

Employers should submit their claims endorsed by the trainee with proof of expenses and course attendance by the trainee, through the relevant training institution or professional body who will certify the claims, including the trainee’s course attendance and transmit them to ZIMDEF.

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