Fund Applications

Apprentices Training

ZIMDEF finances the training of apprentices in Zimbabwe. All expenses (wages, tuition, boarding and examination fees) related to the training of apprentices in the country are funded by ZIMDEF from the 1 % Training Levy that is remitted by all registered companies operating in the country.

Equipping Institutions of Higher Learning

ZIMDEF funds the procurement of training equipment such as computers, computer accessories, engineering materials, workshop machinery, laboratory equipment and training consumables for institutions of higher learning.

Infrastructure Development at Institutions of Higher Learning

ZIMDEF, under the direction of the Trustee, undertakes infrastructure development projects at selected institutions of higher learning. This has seen ZIMDEF funding the construction of libraries, hotels, and workshops at the country’s universities and polytechnics.  


The Fund pays rebates to employers who participate in human capital development programmes such as indenturing apprentices, release their skilled or semi-skilled workers for upgrade training courses, provide trade testing facilities and release their employees for part-time lecturing at the Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development’s training institutions.

Students’ Attachment Allowances

Students from institutions of higher learning are paid a monthly allowance to help cushion them when they are away from their training institutions during their work related learning (attachment) stints. Due to limited resources, these allowances are currently being availed to students from Polytechnics only.

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