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Our Value

The value we provide to our customers & our markets

  1. Quality responsive services
    We will attend to you as quickly as we are able. This means that:
  • We will answer the phone promptly;
  • If the person you talk to cannot answer your enquiry, they will put you in touch with someone who can give you an appropriate response;
  • We will respond to all correspondences (letters, e-mails, online chats)
  • If you lodge a complaint, we will seek to understand and address your concerns. We aim to acknowledge your communication within one working day. We aim to investigate your complaint, provide you with the proposed action to solve it, and seek your feedback about the proposed action to solve it, and seek your feedback about the proposed action within seven (7) working days of receiving your complaint.
    If we cannot fully provide an answer to your complaint within that specified time, we will provide you an interim response and advise you as to when a final response can be expected.
  • We shall continue to constantly educate our customers on the changes and updates in the 1% training levy issues, rebates processing system fund use and policies by conducting regular educational seminars and business engagements. Such seminars are regularly scheduled and are communicated through our regional offices to all the clients.
  1. Courtesy and respect
    We will treat you with courtesy and respect.
  1. Fair and equal services
  • We will provide services in a fair and equitable way.
  • We will ensure that we have premises and facilities that you can access easily
  1. Accountability
  • You will receive up-to-date and accurate information. Whenever possible, our staff will explain the decision-making processes as they impact on you. If we cannot assist you, we will do our best to refer you to someone who can.
  • We ensure the continual improvement for our services and processes according to your needs.
  1. Confidentiality
  • We will treat your person and organisational confidential information with sensitivity.
  • We will collect, store and use your confidential information responsibly.
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Technology makes finance easier.

  1. Treat our employees with courtesy.
  2. Be honest with us.
  3. Update your contact details whenever there are changes to maintain accurate records with us.
  4. When required, provide all information within the specified times.
  5. Provide your feedback both positive and negative to improve our service delivery through complaints, compliments and suggestions.
  6. Attend scheduled meetings.
  7. Abide by any legal requirements and other obligations you are to required to meet to be eligible for rebates.

Provide the best fintech solutions in the market

  1. Tell us your needs
    Help us to understand your needs so that we can give you the best possible service. You can do this by talking with our staff and participating in the consultation activities we conduct. We will listen to you.
  2. Tell us if things change for you
    Please tell us if there are changes we should know about for example, changes to your contact details.

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