ZIMDEF’s participation at 2017 ZITF
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  • ZIMDEF’s participation at 2017 ZITF

    The Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) exhibited at 2017 ZITF under the theme “Harnessing Linkages for Industrial Development”. The objectives of participating at this year’s event was to enhance ZIMDEF’s visibility, to create a platform for interaction with all stakeholders and to appreciate stakeholders who contribute to the mandate of human capital development for the nation. ZIMDEF introduced the “Unlocking Technology” concept through live print demonstrations of different objects by a 3D printer at the stand. This was made possible by Africa Engineering Company which ZIMDEF partnered with for ZITF exhibition 2017.

    The 3D Printing Technology is vital to the STEM program as it promotes the interactive nature between the digital and physical world. The STEM concept was better explained and visualized with the help of the 3D Printing Technology. The printer printed models of items like gears, nuts and bolts, cable clips and many others as per visitor’s request. The printing would be done whilst visitors are watching.

    The benefits of the 3D printing for STEM were to enhance education, develop student innovators, enhance student experience, help students invest, expand creativity, enhance research and accelerate economic development.

    It is our wish to continuously partner with companies that have embraced the STEM concept so that the public is informed and believe that with STEM, the economy will be stemitised, industrialised and modernized.

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